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The Barcelona Design Festival, organized by BCD and FAD, aims to situate Barcelona as a world capital of design and innovation internationally. From 2th June to 10th July, this third edition aims to bring out the potential of companies, entrepreneurs and professionals and help them compete globally. With two main centres of activity -the Barcelona Design Week (2th June to 14th Juny) and the FADfest (25th June to 10th July) and the - this great event has an extensive program of activities that will bring design and society closer together and will promote design amongst citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs and the wider public, taking into consideration the economic and cultural dimensions of design.
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Opening of Barcelona Design Week and Barcelona Design Festival 2014. 02/06/2014
The creative entrepreneurship according to Ron Arad. 02/06/2014
Exhibition 'Out of the Box'. Design made in Israel. 02/06/2014 - 31/08/2014
Design Services Market. 03/06/2014
smart ebike design tour. 03/06/2014 - 06/06/2014
Ecodesign day: 'The strategic role of design in the circular economy'. 04/06/2014
BCN-Israel start-up connection. 03/04/2014
'We Pop Up: The documentary' by The Pop Up Agency / Jean-Marc Joseph. 04/06/2014
Design Talks: the creative process of fun products. 05/06/2014
Creative Industries Investment Foru. 10/06/2014
Management of the city brand image. 13/06/2014
Closing of the Barcelona Design Week 2014 - 'Unofficial Report'. 13/06/2014
Color Forecasting Workshop. 12/06/2014
Hackathon for Social Good. 14/06/2014
Design Circuit Poblenou. 12/06/2014
Inauguration of the FADfest. 25 June – 19 h


Debate «Design Listens. Viewpoints From Outside the Profession». 9 July – 19 h

«The Best Design of the Year» Exhibition. 25 June – 22 October

Laus Night – Laus Awards Party. 26 June – 21 h

Prize-giving of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2014. 8 July – 19 h

«Smart Flexibility» Exhibition. 25 June – 30 November

Prize-giving of the FAD Sebastià Gasch Awards. 30 June – 21 h

«Rock Paper Pixel: Present» Session. 2 July – from 10 to 19:30 h

Design & Film: 6 previews 
MaterLab. Workshop on active flexibility. 26 June – 9 to 11 h

Ruin Yourself! Prize-giving of the Habitácola Awards. 25 June – 20.30 h

3rd International Open Design / Shared Creativity Conference. 30 June & 1 July

MODAFAD T Project Fashion Awards. 4 July

Prize-giving of the Delta Awards and ADI Medals to Industrial Design. 10 July – 21 h

Closing of the FADfest. 10 July - 20 h

Eugeni Quitllet conference. 8 July - 19 h
14 June
Print or Die! Silkscreening & Limited Edition Fair.Exhibition / Feria . Where. Print Workers Barcelona. Organizes. Print Workers Barcelona
Print or Die! is the first fair focused in silkscreening which is placed in Barcelona.
Hackaton for Social Good.Networking. Where. Disseny Hub Barcelona . Organizes. Webvisions i BCD
14 June
15 June
Mercado Condal Diseño.Feria / Conference Day. Where. Palo Alto Barcelona. Organizes. Monkey Forest, Mercado Central de Diseño, O|CULTS
An event exhibition and sale of product design and accessories designed by brands from around the Spanish country.
25 June
Inauguration of the FADfest with the «Best Design of the Year» and «Smart Flexibility» exhibitions.Inaguration. Where. FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona) / Pl. de les Glòries, 37–38. Organizes. FAD

The inauguration of the «Best Design of the Year» and  «Smart Flexibility» exhibitions will fire the starting shot for the fourth edition of the FADfest, the FAD’s annual event that celebrates creative excellence, recognizes the work of professionals and businesses, contributes to professional development and brings design to the citizens. 

Ruin Yourself! Prize-giving of the Habitácola Awards.Prize. Where. FAD (Disseny Hub Barcelona Building) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37 – 38. Organizes. FAD

Prize-giving of the 26th edition of the Habitácola Student Awards to the design of spaces. Under the slogan of “¡Arruínate!” (“Ruin Yourself”), young people face in this edition the challenge of designing spaces in architectures that are abandoned, have never been inaugurated, are in a state of semi-ruin or are underused. 

25 June
22 October
«The Best Design of the Year» Exhibition.Exhibition. Where. FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37–38 . Organizes. FAD
The show that gathers together more than 500 shortlisted and winning projects in the prizes presented by the FAD and its associations. “The Best Design of the Year” comes together at this major FADfest exhibition. The staging of what the effort of professionals and businesses in all disciplines and practices of design has produced in this past year. An indispensable barometer of the here and now. The landscape of our creativity.
26 June
MaterLab. Workshop on active flexibility.Workshop. Where. FAD (Disseny Hub Barcelona Building) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37 – 38. Organizes. Materfad

A workshop to explore the possibilities offered by flexible structures and materials: their ability to perceive and adapt to climatic, acoustic and light conditions; abilities involving the detection of users and the modification of the space in relation to them; the possibilities of capturing wind and solar energy; etc.

Laus Night – Prize-giving of the Laus Awards.Prize. Where. FAD (Disseny Hub Barcelona Building) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37 – 38. Organizes. ADG-FAD

44th edition of the prize-giving ceremony of the Laus Awards to Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Barcelona.  Another year and the FAD’s Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers (ADG-FAD) is presenting these awards in order to recognize excellence in graphic communication. 

Laus Night – Laus Awards Party.Party. Where. FAD (Disseny Hub Barcelona Building) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37 – 38. Organizes. ADG-FAD

The Laus Night will culminate in a great party during which the «Best Design of the Year» exhibition can be visited. On view will be the shortlisted and prize-winning works of the awards that have just been presented and of the other prizes in the different disciplines of design awarded by the FAD associations. 

«Wood & Trends».Debate. Where. Finsa: C/ Ferralla, 4. Pol. Ind. Sant Vicenç. 08755 Castellbisbal. Organizes. Finsa

Under the name of Wood and Trends, a round table will be organized on the trends applied to the world of interior design and its possibilities with wood, followed by a practical communication workshop through a moodboard devised and made by the attendees. 

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