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The Barcelona Design Festival, organized by BCD and FAD, aims to situate Barcelona as a world capital of design and innovation internationally. From 2th June to 10th July, this third edition aims to bring out the potential of companies, entrepreneurs and professionals and help them compete globally. With two main centres of activity -the Barcelona Design Week (2th June to 14th Juny) and the FADfest (25th June to 10th July) and the - this great event has an extensive program of activities that will bring design and society closer together and will promote design amongst citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs and the wider public, taking into consideration the economic and cultural dimensions of design.
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Opening of Barcelona Design Week and Barcelona Design Festival 2014. 02/06/2014
The creative entrepreneurship according to Ron Arad. 02/06/2014
Exhibition 'Out of the Box'. Design made in Israel. 02/06/2014 - 31/08/2014
Design Services Market. 03/06/2014
smart ebike design tour. 03/06/2014 - 06/06/2014
Ecodesign day: 'The strategic role of design in the circular economy'. 04/06/2014
BCN-Israel start-up connection. 03/04/2014
'We Pop Up: The documentary' by The Pop Up Agency / Jean-Marc Joseph. 04/06/2014
Design Talks: the creative process of fun products. 05/06/2014
Creative Industries Investment Foru. 10/06/2014
Management of the city brand image. 13/06/2014
Closing of the Barcelona Design Week 2014 - 'Unofficial Report'. 13/06/2014
Color Forecasting Workshop. 12/06/2014
Hackathon for Social Good. 14/06/2014
Design Circuit Poblenou. 12/06/2014
Inauguration of the FADfest. 25 June – 19 h


Debate «Design Listens. Viewpoints From Outside the Profession». 9 July – 19 h

«The Best Design of the Year» Exhibition. 25 June – 22 October

Laus Night – Laus Awards Party. 26 June – 21 h

Prize-giving of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2014. 8 July – 19 h

«Smart Flexibility» Exhibition. 25 June – 30 November

Prize-giving of the FAD Sebastià Gasch Awards. 30 June – 21 h

«Rock Paper Pixel: Present» Session. 2 July – from 10 to 19:30 h

Design & Film: 6 previews 
MaterLab. Workshop on active flexibility. 26 June – 9 to 11 h

Ruin Yourself! Prize-giving of the Habitácola Awards. 25 June – 20.30 h

3rd International Open Design / Shared Creativity Conference. 30 June & 1 July

MODAFAD T Project Fashion Awards. 4 July

Prize-giving of the Delta Awards and ADI Medals to Industrial Design. 10 July – 21 h

Closing of the FADfest. 10 July - 20 h

Eugeni Quitllet conference. 8 July - 19 h
08 July
Preview of «Design is One. Lella & Massimo Vignelli». Screening at the Filmoteca de Catalunya.Screening. Where. Filmoteca de Catalunya / Pl. de Salvador Seguí, 1–9. Organizes. FAD y Filmoteca de Catalunya
Lella and Massimo Vignelli are some of the most influential designers in the world. From graphic designs to interiors, from products to corporate identities, the film introduces us to the work and everyday moments of the Vignelli’s world, capturing their intelligence and creativity as well as their humanity, warmth and humour.
09 July
«Decorative Technical Flooring. The Art of Design» Workshop.Workshop. Where. FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37–38 . Organizes. Basf, ARQUIN-FAD y FAD
Basf, a leading company in construction materials and an official promoter of the FAD, will offer us a benchmarking workshop on flooring choices. Through examples and practical demonstrations, we will learn how to choose a floor according to its functionality, aesthetics, convenience, hygiene, sustainability, etc. and its benefits over other systems.
Debate “Design Listens. Viewpoints From Outside the Profession”..Debate. Where. FAD (Disseny Hub Barcelona Building) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37 – 38. Organizes. FAD
In a context in which reflection on design is usually performed by the designers themselves, we wish to know how design is conceived outside the profession. What people understand by design, how they think it can help them, which examples of good and bad design they uncover for us, etc. This debate will be the culmination of two months of interviews with representatives from different fields and has been conceived as the profession’s essential approximation to society. 
Preview of «The Human Scale». Screening at the Filmoteca de Catalunya.Screening. Where. Filmoteca de Catalunya / Pl. de Salvador Seguí, 1–9. Organizes. FAD y Filmoteca de Catalunya
A documentary film based on the work of the Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl, a scholar in human behaviour in cities over a 40-year period. «The Human Scale» brings together thinkers, architects and urban planners from all over the world, questioning the patterns of modernity and exploring what happens when we put people at the heart of planning.
Gran Chill Laus.Prize. Where. FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona) / Pl. de les Glòries, 37–38. Organizes. ADG-FAD
A special edition of the Chill Laus, the regular talks held by the ADG-FAD. Sometimes they are a conference, other times an informal talk or an intense debate. On this occasion we will bring together the authors of some of the most significant designs of recent times in the field of graphic design and visual communication. 
Guided tour to the «Fotollibres. Aquí i ara» exhibition by Irene Mendoza.Visit. Where. Fundació Foto Colectania / C/ Julián Romea, 6. Organizes. Fundació Foto Colectania
This exhibition presents a selection of photobooks published in our country, which have had a significant international impact and have changed local artistic photography in the past few years.
10 July
Prize-giving of the Delta Awards and ADI Medals to Industrial Design.Prize. Where. FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona) / Pl. de les Glòries, 37–38. Organizes. ADI-FAD
37th edition of the prize-giving of the Delta Awards, the prestigious international  industrial design prizes organized by the ADI-FAD (the FAD’s Industrial Design Association). The Delta Awards are a springboard for national businesses towards the global market and a key benchmark for foreign companies marketing their products in our country. 
Closing of the FADfest.Party. Where. FAD (Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona) / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37–38 . Organizes. FAD
Design and architecture professionals, attendees at the festival’s activities and anyone interested in the world of design will come together at the great closing party of the FADfest and the Barcelona Design Festival to celebrate the end of this fourth edition. While during the FADfest each sector has had its own particular session, this one will be the true multidisciplinary party.
10 July
12 July
Animotion Days.Conference Day. Where. Bau, Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona / C/ Pujades, 118. Organizes. Bau
Animotion Days is a cultural and entertainment proposal on the world of Animation and Audiovisual Design developed by Bau in July. Its objective is to bring new technologies and the responses from skilled professionals to the design community, generating a space for thought and innovation.
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